Behind the Scenes with Summer Helene

Questions redacted from Behind the Scenes with Summer Helene with featured guest, Dr. Kenneth Russ.

Listener from Springfield, IL

"I don't handle stress well. I just lost my mother and medicine can't handle my anger and stress. I over-eat, I don't sleep, and I am sabotaging my marriage. Please help me Dr. Russ!"

We spend all our lives either being an orphan or preparing ourselves to become an orphan. I can only tell you that in terms of grieving compared to how you feel now, you will feel better in 3 months. You are mal-adapting to present pressures but if you just deal with the problem at hand perhaps your situation will feel a lot less hopeless. Also, reach out to your husband for love and support.

Listener from New York, NY

"I am going through cancer treatment and I can't gain weight. My partner is very frightened for me and so is my doctor. How do I handle the stress and gain weight?"

Generally stress does not cause many illnesses but certainly can make them worse. Cancer, chemotherapy. surgery or radiation may contribute to weight loss and these are all a part of the picture. Within time and healing you will hopefully regain the weight but I'm afraid in the beginning so weight loss is inevitable.

You can compensate by increasing your nutritional intake and there are appetite stimulants that your doctor can prescribe like Remeron and Magace. If you are nauseous, which can reduce your appetite, there are good anti-emetics available by prescription, such as Zofran.

Listener from an unknown location

"I lost my baby and now I am not happy in my relationship but that is because I am not happy with myself. I wont let my husband see me naked because of my weight. He says he loves me anyway but I cannot stand my body or my stretchmarks, I am emotionally drained and embarrassed and I just can't stop eating to heal the pain."

The main goal of life is to learn to love yourself. Loving others is important but you can only do this if you love yourself. If you need feedback, ask your husband what he loves about you.

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