Behind the Scenes with Summer Helene

Listener from Trinidad, CO

"How much diet pop can I drink and lose weight?"

I recommend to the listener, avoid these diet sodas altogether!

This is what happens when you use artificial sweetener:

Your brain is sent a signal that you have encountered sweetness. When the sugar never arrives you develop cravings that you attempt to obtain through consumption other sweet foods, thus defeating the purpose of consuming diet sodas.

Listener from Bethel, VT

"Does eating five times a day help you lose weight?"

I don't really it matters how many times a day a person eats as much as what you are eating. I would encourage the listener to follow a paleo diet, which encourages healthy eating. If you are overweight and eating healthy your weight will probably come down.

Listener from Sarasota, FL

"How can sex make you lose weight and how can I accomplish this?"

The question might be rephrased. "Does having intercourse lead to weight loss?"

The answer is that if you increase the expenditure of calories you will see a relative weight loss. That is, so long as you do not increase the amount of calories, specifically the carbohydrates you consume.

If you can increase intimacy you will have a greater sense of well-being and probably feel more motivated to be healthy.

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